Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blogrolling in its last days?

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Blogrolling in its lasts days?? shot to fame with its innovative and easy techniques that provided bloggers with an elegant way to list and manage their favorite site without having to dive into the HTML of your site.

It has become so famous that bloggers blogroll one another almost everyday without even knowing where the term comes from.
Having been into business for almost 6 years starting in 2004, is on its deathbed and if rumours are to be believed, they will announce there permanent outage shortly.

A tweet from blogrolling to Darnell Clayton set the the rumourmills churning. It was as below
@Darnell We’ll likely make a decision next week and give people as much time as we can. A few weeks for sure. (via @Blogrolling)

While Blogrolling is no longer needed in the new age of blogging that we live in, the company did help persuade blog platforms to develop a better way to list blog rolls (with Google creating the most innovative way to list them upon ones site).
Unless you are of the viewpoint that blog rolls are worthless, users currently utilizing the service would be wise to find a way to export their links elsewhere or (better yet) hard link the sites within their respective sidebars.

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