Submission Guidlines

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How to submit article: Mail it to BlogJunta[at]Gmail[dot]com (

Article Submission Guidelines:

      The aim of starting BlogJunta is to promote open source, free will and public journalism; to provide opportunities to people to show case their talent –Journalism, writing, reporting etc.
      Having said this, we do not encourage any reports/ articles that may incite people based on religion, race, sex, regional or any other form of discrimination.
      First and foremost, we do not offer any financial benefits/ remunerations for the articles you submit.
      We believe there is nothing called as Plagiarism in our field. If you are submitting an article/report which was written/published by someone else then please give due credit to the source in your article.
      The Editor’s decision is final.
      • If someone contests for the copyrights of the post/article, the power lies with the Editor to act accordingly and even revoke your credits and hand the credits to the original author if you are found guilty.
      • If the Editor finds the article to be a threat to the harmony of the system, he/she may reject the article or ask you make certain changes.
      • At times, the editor’s may edit the article as suited and publish it without your consent. Thus when you submit the article it is tacitly understood that you agree to these conditions.
      If you want to pursue a particular topic and report a series of articles on that topic you are free to do so, but inform us before hand so that we could make arrangements accordingly and if found suitable, give you a separate section( referred to as column in regular newspaper) to handle all by yourself.
      We also encourage students/practitioners who want to write for us to gain certain experience in Journalism and showcase their abilities. We will try to extend full support to such enthusiasts and help them out in whatever way possible and within our reach.
      You want to become a correspondent to a particular type of reporting or a particular forum/event. We will be glad to help you specialize on whatever you want to pursue. Just drop us a mail and few samples.
      We accept articles on wide variety of topics such as News (General Blogging News), Blog Reviews, interviews, Editorials, Trends, business, technical, other news, Events, contests, contest reports, contest results reports, Meetup reports, blogging for social causes and all other topics related to blogging.
      The following are the guidelines for the article submission format
      • Post must have a suitable Title and also the category for which it is being submitted.
      • Enough credit to be given to the source/references in every post
      • Any number of pictures can be submitted with the post. The editor to decide which and how many pictures to be posted. You can however prioritize the pictures and make sure if there is a limit , the most important pictures are published.
      • A brief ‘About the author’ to be mentioned in the submission. The editor will have the rights to fine tune this text without changing what is being conveyed.
      The guidelines are subject to be updated, reviewed and revised periodically. You will be informed about the same as and when it happens.
      In case of any questions/clarifications/issues/suggestions please contact us through the form on the contact us page.