Sunday, September 19, 2010

Editor's Choice : BATOM-14

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BATOM-14 Editor's Choice

Blog-a-ton for the month of September (BATOM-14)  has concluded and results were announced a week back.
There were 63 valid posts and one or two invalid posts (submitted after time). We have read all the posts and  felt there were some posts worth a mention. Though it was very difficult but still we had to select few posts under the editor's Choice. So here are the best five posts, in no particular order. 

Karthik's sheer amount of research on the topic and the way he has drafted the post  makes it one of the five Picks.

Raksha Raman's interpretation of the topic return is a comic strip, an ode to the Indian Soldier, the unsung heroes. 

Tikulicous  chooses to stand apart from the rest and takes a bold erotic mode and the story is good as well. Do read it.

CherryBlossom  has given us a masterpiece. A poem, two poems infact. First, the mother's lament to the son and then the son's soliloquy at the mother's grave.

Riikainfinityy has a wonderful blog and the topic has been interpreted in the form of a story The Snow Prince and Me

    The rest of the posts are wonderful as well, if possible read all the sixty five posts. The effort and the quality of the  content deserves to be read.

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    Anonymous said... [Reply]

    Oh my god, thank you so much, it been a great honor =3, It is really a great surprise, and it really meant a lot to me =) And this is an amazing blog, love the layout and template, wonderful =P

    Anonymous said... [Reply]

    Wow , this is such an honor .. what an awesome day for me as a writer. Thanks Blogjunta
    Congratulations everyone .
    This sure is a very pleasant surprise

    Cherry Blossom said... [Reply]

    This is the best form of applause that a blogger can receive on the first attempt to blog-a-ton. Its not only an awe-inspiring honor for me, but also a motivating catalyst. My heartfelt gratitude to the BlogJunta team. Congratulations to the other four selections.

    Raksha Raman said... [Reply]

    After running into many a stereotypical platforms, here's something refreshing! News on Blog world! How cool is that! :)

    Wishing you guys success ahead! Cheers!

    Thanks for appreciating! :)

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