Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog World Expo

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Blog World and New Media Expo is a fantastic event for bloggers held every October in Las Vegas.
This year there will be a full day of ProBlogger training in a ‘ProBlogger Track’ on the Thursday. The full details of that track’s sessions were released on the BWE site on 1st September 2010.
The four sessions through the day are based around 4 Pillars of ProBlogging that Chris Garret and ProBlogger have been working on for a future resource here at ProBlogger. ACoording to the team, these 4 pillars are all crucial foundations in building profitable blogs – it’s not just about one or two of them, all come together and make a blog a more powerful thing.
The day in vegas is also very similar in content to what was recently put on in the sold outProBlogger Training day  in Melbourne.
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