Friday, September 10, 2010

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Feedjit, the popular traffic measurement service today launched a completely free, community powered question and answer site called On 503me you can ask any question about getting traffic. Search engine optimization, search marketing and viral marketing  and any topic related to getting more visitors on your blog or website are covered here.

503me is inspired by the hundreds of questions I've received via email and haven't been able to answer yet. I realized that it would be great to have a way for the many  smart people on this list and on the Web to answer your questions too. We designed the site to be lightweight, super fast and as user-friendly as possible.“ says Mark Maunder, Feedjit Founder & CEO.

The name 503me comes from the code that a web server gives when it's getting too much traffic: HTTP code 503. It's every webmaster's dream to have the happy problem of too many site visitors. 

The site works on a voting system. The best questions and answers will rise to the top as they receive more votes. The home page uses an algorithm that shows you questions that are both new and popular.

Talking about innovative methodology used on the site, Mark continues “We also use a "karma" system that rewards members who's questions or answers get votes. We will be introducing features for members with higher karma.”

Go there now, post a question, and you should get a few great answers from the team and from other experts on the site. If you're a Guru, help 503me help the community by answering a few of the questions posted.


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