Saturday, September 11, 2010 launches Indistream

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IndiBlogger, the famous Indian Blogger’s forum has newly launched Indistream, a colorful and attractive three column tweeting cum chat facility where in on all weekdays at 10 PM, IndiBloggers get together on twitter to discuss various topics, using the hashtag #inditweetmeet. IndiStream gives you an interface to join this discussion while keeping an eye on other IndiBlogger activity.However, please note that Indistream is active on all days and on all hours everyday.There is another new service Inditalk , a facility to chat with other IndiBloggers and these services can also be used to view real time activity on Indiforum.

Our research shows that Indistream is similar to facilties that are available on .
Nevertheless, Once could proudly say that IndiBlogger is the only blogger’s forum to have implemented this facility and there cannot be an ounce of an doubt that IndiBlogger is by far technically one of most active and advanced blogger’s forum.
So what are you waiting for get started. Visit Indistream.

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